• ESL Curriculum

    Common European Framework of Reference (CEPR) is the cornerstone of our ESL curriculum. Our instructors can teach students at any level admitted into our program. Students can learn from the authentic instructors from Canada and USA.

  • High School Curriculum

    Our High School Curriculum comes from our partnered schools in Canada & USA. It opens to Grade 9 - 12 students from all countries, and classes are taught online through our interactive platforms. Diploma can also be earned online.

  • School & Diploma

    Institutions in Asia, such as international schools, can customize their own curriculum by integrating our ESL and High School programs. Teacher support and student management systems are all just at the finger tips of these schools' administration.

ESL Curriculum

Our ESL Curriculum consists of four levels:

  • Academic Proficiency

  • Social Proficiency

  • Intermediate Level

  • Beginner Level

Our ESL Curriculum design is based on Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR). Our ESL curriculum consists of four levels, and each level focuses on improving two of four language skills (reading, writing, listening and/or speaking.) A set of instruction goals and study objectives are clearly outlined to both teachers and students. While your four language skills are improving and developing, Critical Thinking is also embedded in each Study Block & Lesson Unit.
To learn more, please explore our dedicated page on ESL curriculum.

Michigan Language Assessment (MLA) is an independent organization to administrate the language test and its result. It is founded by Cambridge University Press and University of Michigan, two prominent leading universities in the world!

We are registered with MLA. Our students are offered to complete the MLA test for matriculation. For more information about MLA, please refer to their official website: michiganassessment.org

High School Curriculum

Our curriculum offers the following subject:

  • English Literature

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies

Our high school curriculum is offered through our collaboration with selected high schools in Canada and USA. Courses are delivered primarily online with resource portal available to our registered students and teachers. Tailored academic support is offered to instructors in delivering the content. Students will access to a wide range of study material and resources at their finger tips.
To learn more, please browse our page for High School Curriculum and feel free to contact us here.
School & Diploma
With more and more millennial in Asia becoming parents now, their understanding of the world would need a more robust, global outreach to fulfill their goal in educating their children. Our curriculum and academic resources are all interconnected and customizeable to many secondary & middle schools in Asia, particular China!
China government supports private-owned schools to be internationalized. Blending ESL component into such oriental cultural requires a highly experience team of expertise, and our DC Education is ready to provide you just that!
To learn more, please go to our page here or contact us directly here!
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